Tracy G

Tracy G., OH

The picture of health, active, health conscious and all natural were all words used to describe Tracy.

Tracy Goldhardt went to a routine doctors appointment and he suggested a cardiovascular MRI screening she never once suspected to hear “We see something ugly on your lung”.

Tracy’s family history and lifestyle wouldn’t have indicated lung disease. Tracy doesn’t smoke, burn candles and she is a clean air lover…..she doesn’t use chemicals to clean and won't even wear perfumes.

None the less, July 18th the phone rang and the doctor said “let’s get a biopsy”. August 1st she woke from the biopsy to hear “it is cancer”. Lab and biopsy results revealed the penny size tumor was in the airway near the split of lower and middle airway, stage one. She met with a thoracic surgeon and together they discussed her lobectomy. September 15th, 2022 Tracy has two lobes of her right lung removed.

Thanks to a proactive doctor, a routine screening that she said was so easy and took literally “five minutes”, Tracy found her cancer very early and before it spread. Doctors told her that if she had not had that quick screening her story could have had a very different outcome. The Lung Force Walk in October is literally 30 days post her double lobectomy Tracy is hopeful it will be a big Cancer Free celebration for her. She will have had follow up scans and doctors appointment the week prior to the walk to hopefully confirm what they suspect; cancer gone!!!

Tracy knew during her hospital room recovery that she wanted to share her story and encourage, even URGE others to get the scan!!!!! It could save your life, it definitely saved hers!!!!

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