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Tracey S., CO

My mother passed away April 3, 2017 after a three-year fight with lung cancer. My grandfather passed away June 2, 2017 from lung cancer and my dad has COPD.

My dad and my grandfather both smoked but my mom did not. She worked as an aide in a special needs classroom for eight years and it was not ventilated from radon. Since we cannot prove that's where she got it from, there is no support. She quit that job to be my son's daycare. She kept getting bronchitis all of the time then she finally went to the ER and her lung was full of fluid.

She was such an amazing person. I want to raise awareness in my community so, on my own, I am doing a fundraiser for all the money to be donated to American Lung Association. I hope this will be an annual event and people start to donate to the leading killer in women now. I hope our clinical trials get a lot closer to helping us survive any lung disease.

First Published: July 17, 2017

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