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Tracey B., MD

My dad, 58 years old started having pain in his left side that would not go away. He recently was treated in the hospital for pneumonia three months earlier, so we just thought it was because of that. They did an x-ray and it showed nothing so the ER decided to do a CT scan and they found it, a mass the size of a lime. They told him he needed to follow up w a pulmonologist. To make a long story short, after a biopsy of the tumor, they said it was squamous cell lung cancer stage 3B. They tried to go in and take out part of his left lung but the tumor is wrapped around his aorta, so surgery was unsuccessful. He is now going through chemo/radiation. The doctors says as far as survival, the odds are against him. My life changed forever on the day he was diagnosed, I hope that a cure is found for this silent killer.

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