Teresa H

Teresa H., CO

I became very ill in September of 2014. I got Pneumonia and after many tests I found out I had small cell lung cancer. Very scary information. I cried then I started taking steps to get better.

First got better from the pneumonia and started radiation and chemo. I was lucky they caught it early. I was scared. I took an approach that was very different from most people. I renewed my faith, then I kept a good attitude.

Next I decided I am going to beat this. I went through six weeks of radiation to the chest then three bouts of chemo every 21 days. Last, I had to get seven weeks of brain radiation. This was tough because I was starting to feel the side effects. I am in my last year of remission and I am a survivor. It took me from a victim to survivor.

Then I decided to get involved in every cancer fighting event I could and even though I did not raise huge amounts of money I contact senators and congress. Begging for a cure to this horrible disease. This has become an epidemic and I am still begging for a cure to all cancers. I also learned to be a volunteer so I could help people with this terrible disease. I have learned a lot of things through my journey. Good and bad but I will keep clinging to hope for all.

First Published: May 21, 2018

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