Tammey H

Tammey H., NY

I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in Dec. 2017. The treatment was brutal, as most people know but the cancer also caused several other illnesses. The side effects of lung cancer and all of the chemotherapy and radiation, were severe. I had a stroke within a month of diagnosis on Christmas eve. The complications seemed endless but I was carried through by faith, family, and friends. Its kind of like riding a roller coaster with your eyes shut.

When cancer comes, there are no holidays, there is no planning, and there is no stop and wait. You just pray that you get through the journey. It is difficult and it changes your life forever. I am still going through the journey, I never expected the chronic illnesses but I am happy to be alive.

I am blessed to have a wonderful family and friends that kept watch when I was not able. I thank God that the lung scan was on my schedule of “things to get done” although I wish it was done before Stage IV, I am alive! I encourage everyone to get a lung scan. I know for certain that it saves lives. I will take every opportunity to help out in the community and be involved wherever I can. I am walking to support cancer patients, caregivers, and research.

First Published: April 2, 2019

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