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Suzana B.

My father one day in September had swollen fingers and feet and felt ok. He went to a cardiologist and pulmologist. They were treating him for rheumatoid arthritis for six months. After severe bone pain, my father was told one month ago that it was not rheumatoid pain, but it was lung cancer. And now, 4 stage NSCLC.

It was pleural and not operable. It was on his upper right lung with metastasis on the chest bones and one in the liver. For bones the doctors did not check, although he had severe bone pain. We did not have much time to react; not for natural nutrition, not for chemo. Radiation and operation was out of the question. He received only two chemo treatments. The lung cancer made him unable to lay down, breath and eat. He died in severe pain today only 20 days after diagnosis.

We tried vegetables diet, B17, cannabis oil, baking soda, a load of medicines, injections of vitamin c, but nothing worked. He received chemo witch did not work at all. My point is, there is no cure for cancer and it must be found. We tried everything but there was no cure. We tried different things that we thought were the cure but they are not. If I would have known this, I would not decide chemotherapy, nor holistic medicines.

If I should decide again, because there is no cure, would be live life naturally and eat healthy and no stress. Unfortunately, all you can do is save yourself and give yourself peaceful life away from money making pharmaceutical and tobacco industries.

First Published: March 14, 2017

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