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Susan L.

I just heard a LUNG FORCE representative speak on Line One Your Health Connection, a medical related radio program on our local public radio station. She mentioned that when someone reports that they have been diagnosed with lung cancer they are often asked "Did you smoke?".

The LUNG FORCE representative noted that one of the things LUNG FORCE is working towards is to end the stigma related to a lung cancer diagnosis. She noted that being asked that question is hurtful because no one deserves to have lung cancer.

That was such an important statement to make. I had a lung nodule evaluated and because I am a former smoker, I felt such shame that I may have been responsible for causing myself the lung cancer diagnosis. I felt devastated. Having to face that stigma is such a terrible thing to deal with in addition to facing a cancer diagnosis.

The fact that LUNG FORCE is working to fight that stigma is so important and I want to express my heartfelt and thanks for that!

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