Stephen M

Stephen M.

My name is Steve Mitchell and I am 27 years old. I am from northeast Ohio. I have always had asthma but it got worse as an adult. It has prevented me from being with loved ones and enjoying my life to the fullest. Asthma is truly a life without compromise, but because of that I was forced to learn more about how to treat it. I became much more serious about my medication and also about losing weight to help take the load off of my lungs.

The weight loss was definitely key! Because of asthma, I was forced to work harder than most to get in shape which then turned into a new mindset. Because I had to work three times as hard as anyone else, I now have the mental toughness to do anything and to survive anything, a mentality that requires a lifetime of constant practice and dedication. My lungs are whatever I want them to be, provided that I work hard enough. I now sing with a world class orchestra and I climb technically challenging mountains, ice, and rock. Asthma has given me a life of challenges, but they have created opportunities to redefine what is possible. You are never out of the fight.

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