Stacey R

Stacey R.

My dad was always a very hard working husband and father. He provided a great life for our family. He always worked doing industrial construction. Always was a pretty healthy man. He was never sick and never went to the doctor. He served in Vietnam and was always active. So when he started getting short of breath and having an unusual cough that would often result in him coughing up blood, it was time for us to convince him to go to the doctor. That day at the doctor's office was the start of a journey that resulted in many test and a diagnosis of lung cancer.

Now months later after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, I still have my dad. I always thought of my dad as great and fearless but on this journey I realized he was a true hero. A hero not only because he served his country but because he fought lung cancer and is winning the war. It was a no brainer when the opportunity presented itself to volunteer and work with the American Lung Association. I will continue to do so until all Heroes stories are told and all are educated about lung diseases and cancers. Thank you for all that you do.

First Published: September 30, 2016

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