Savannah  C

Savannah C., TX

My name is Savannah Cavanaugh and I am here on behalf of my grandfather: Dale Fortenberry Sr.

Every 3.3 minutes in the United States, someone passes away from lung cancer. Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. I lost my grandpa when I was just 4 years old to stage 4 lung cancer. His generation did not understand the consequences that came from smoking cigarettes before it was too late.

As an active advocate, partner and trainer with the American Lung Association, I look to continue my grandpa’s legacy through social media campaigns, school and community education, and promoting government and business involvement. It is my wish that no person ever has to deal with the pain and suffering my family went through that comes with such a preventable disease and that no person has their life cut short by the end of a cigarette.

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