Sandy B

Sandy B., TN

I never thought I would be telling you this story about my life. It was in April of 2017 I went to the doctor for a return check up. I had been having a cough that would not go away. Doctor said it was allergies. Went the next day to different doctor for thyroid check up and was told the same thing. Well, I have never had allergies.

Went until middle of July and could not take it any longer, cough was driving me CRAZY! Went back to internal meds, doctor had a chest x-ray. Was told I had pneumonia. Took meds., but never got better. I called doctor every week for four weeks to say something was wrong. Went back for two chest x-ray. Said I still had pneumonia. Long story short, I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I do have the EGFR mutation.

My blessing is I have never felt sick. I work out six days a week, I have never been short of breath. Just that cough was all I had. I was started on targeted therapy Oct. 2017 within two months my mass and left lung was 70% improved! The next scan was even better.

Today is June 20, my cancer is under control. I'm so blessed to be where I'm at today. I know in my heart God is on this journey with me and is holding my hand all the way. My scans are staying the same with no new growth. I'm LIVING with lung cancer!

First Published: June 21, 2018

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