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Sandra G., AZ

My name is Sandra and I wanted to share how lung cancer has affected my life. I grew up in the '60s in a smoking household, so it wasn't surprising that I took up smoking myself as a teenager. I smoked from the age of 15 to 42, only quitting after my mother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and passed away.

Unfortunately, not everyone in my family quit. I lost my big sister and my father a few years ago, both to smoking-related lung cancer. My husband, oldest sister and younger brother both suffer from COPD due to their past smoking.

Quitting was the best thing I ever did for myself. I used the ALA's Freedom from Smoking program and online support and I'm happy to say after 13 years, I'm still smoke free. It's a great program! If you're thinking about quitting, do it. I know for a fact now, that smoking does cause cancer and lung disease. I'm so glad I found the courage to quit, and I hope you find it to. You can do it.

Freedom From Smoking Clinic
, | May 02, 2022
Freedom From Smoking Clinic
Virginia Beach, VA | May 10, 2022