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Samir I.

One day, mid-January, I passed out during performing my duty and was transferred to the hospital with chest pain. They discovered through a series of tests that there was a very small spot in the lower part of my right lung. My doctor asked me to choose between continuing to smoke (a nearly 35 year old bad habit) and die fast or stop and gain some extra life. I stopped smoking.

My doctor recommended me to have CT scans every 6 months on my lungs - so I did and felt so healthy staying away from smoking (I can't even stand the smell anymore!). Unfortunately, 3 years and a handful of months after I first passed out, I got the phone call I was expecting. There were three spots in the same place where there used to be one.

Long story short, I lost my right lung and continue to pay a big price for my past bad habit. If you are a smoker, please stop sooner than later, like I should have done.

First Published: September 16, 2016

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