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Rose B., TN

My grandmother had a massive stroke and had also been diagnosed with lung cancer, and in just six quick months she was gone. Her story is quite sad!

When the doctors came in to tell us she had a stroke and she was in her final stage of lung cancer, we were shocked from disbelief. My grandmother never smoke a day in her life. Her husband was a chain smoker, and he died at an early age of 52 of a massive heart attack. The doctors told my grandmother he died because of smoking his entire life.

My grandfather started smoking at the young age of 12. Back in the 1940’s, people didn’t know as much about secondhand smoke as they know today. The doctors told us that my grandmother most likely had a stroke and lung cancer from secondhand smoke.

Also, my dad died at an early age of 71 because of smoking at a young age of 18. He did quit smoking at the age of 48, but the damage of smoking for 30 years took a terrible toll on his life. He was put on oxygen in his later life as a result because he could not breathe on his own. He was later diagnosed with Asthma and COPD. Later in his life he fell deathly ill, and was put on life support. When he came through that situation he told us that he NEVER would want to be on life support EVER again. My dad told his family I love you all very much, but if I ever fall sick and am put in the hospital please do not put me on life support.

I remember he told me one day when he was put on oxygen that the biggest mistake he ever made in his life was starting smoking at an early age. He told us if he could do his life all over again he would of NEVER started smoking. He said smoking ruined his life and robbed him of a normal life. He told me just by smoking he could never get his healthy life back, it was a death sentence. My dad said if I could help stop one person from start smoking then my life was worth living!

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