Ronald E

Ronald E.

Cathy Elliott was my hero and my mom. She was a heavy smoker - I remember growing up asking her to quit over and over again. My sister would also ask her as well, but she was just addicted.

About 2 years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She choose to quit smoking and to have treatments started. About this same time, the company I work for "CVS/pharmacy" decided to quit selling cigarettes. I was so proud to work for a company that was making the right decision for its customers.

A little less than a year later, my mom had a check-up and no cancer could be found. She was cancer free! Then 6 months later on her birthday, she had a bad headache that would not go away. See visited the doctor and was told that the cancer had returned not only in her lungs, but also in her brain.

She died just shortly before last year's LUNG FORCE Walk. I have lost many loved ones, but no one can prepare you for losing your Mom. In order to honor our Mom and to maybe help find help for others, my family and I have made the LUNG FORCE Walk a memory walk for my mom.

I love you Mom!

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