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Randette J., CA

By the grace of God, my mother Diane Baker, age 72 went to her doctor for a routine physical. The attending doctor was a physician's assistant who noticed my mother hadn't had a chest X-ray in years and felt they should go ahead an take one. 

So she agreed and there was a spot on her lung that was suspect so he ordered a CT scan. Much to our surprise there was now a spot on her other lung and both were indeed cancer. We were told she was stage 4 that it had matastesized to her other lung. 

We were absolutely devastated, after all our mother was a health freak and had not smoked in over 35 years! To keep it short, we learned about three weeks later that something they had never ever seen had occured. She had two totally different cancers develop at the exact same time! 

The doctors had ever seen this and did not know where to go for info as this type of thing doesn't often occur. They did a lobectomy on each lung and was able to get all of the cancer. 

She died cancer free three years later. We live in the heart of the San Juaquin Valley among the fields of citrus trees and pesticides are a part of the way you live. I truly believe her two totally different cancers at the exact same time are a direct result of the environment she lived in. She had agreed to let her case be studied, but died too soon after from other causes. R.I.P. mommy.

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