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Ralph S., IL

At a regular check up, my doctor recomended a CT scan. I agreed. But when sent to the insurance company, it was turned down. The reason was because I was too old. I was 79.

We called around and found a place that I could afford. The result was that something didn't look right and they told me to come back in three months for another scan. I did and the next step was a biopsy. The tests came back positive for cancer. My upper right lobe was removed. I didn't have chemo, only future scans every six months.

The insurance said to get an x-ray instead of a CT scan. Had I not gone back for more tests, I would be on my way out now if I wasn't stubborn. I was told it was the non-smoking type of cancer. I had a lot of pain from the tubes and spent a total of two weeks in the hospital. My lung had collapsed a week after I got out the first time. The first scan was not very pleasant, the time I had to have my arms over my head was extensive.

I havent figured out why I am still alive. There must be something still for me to do. I lost my wife just before I found out I had cancer.

First Published: October 12, 2017

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