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Peter R., CT

I have a good outcome story. On April 27, 1994, I had a car accident. I complained about chest pain caused by the seat belt. A CAT scan was taken and several nodules were spotted. I was told to have another CAT scan in six months. I disregarded that advice but did have another 2 years late. That scan showed only one node and no growth and was told to have a scan in 6 months. Again I ignored the advice but did have another 2 years later, and it showed no growth, but was told again to have a scan in 6 months. Yet again it was 2 years later and the scan showed no growth. I had a PET scan which also showed nothing and was told by the PET scan Doc that I can forget about that nodule. My Doc now in 2002 asked me to have another scan and I called him nuts. I had 3 scans and a PET scan over 6 years and nothing, I was also not a smoker. He begged me to have just one more and I did. In 2002 and it showed nodule was growing I had surgery, a wedge resection rt. lower lobe at Mass General Hospital. I have had excellent health ever since. The lung cancer was called BAC. I am now 80 and am still having scans yearly.

First Published: October 23, 2013

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