Patty C

Patty C., MI

My name is Patty C. and I live in Michigan. I am a fortunate lung cancer survivor thanks to early detection. Four years ago, I had a simple chest x-ray that I insisted on (even though I clearly met the guidelines for a CT scan due to my history of smoking). I was lucky that the dark spot on my lung was visible, as many times they are hidden by ribs or the heart. At any rate, after more testing and a biopsy, it was confirmed I had lung cancer. Because my tumor was caught early, I was able to have robotic surgery to remove my lower left lobe. I am still doing fine four years later.

I advocate regularly to the American Lung Association and do my share to raise funds for a cure for lung cancer. In April, I was selected by the American Lung Association (ALA) to represent the State of Michigan to meet with Senators and Congress personnel in Washington, D.C. to personally advocate for increased research funds for lung cancer research. This was one of the proudest moments of my life. I am grateful to the ALA for all they do to help find a cure for this terrible disease--they truly walk their talk! I will never tire of helping the ALA and will not rest until we have a cure for lung cancer.

First Published: September 11, 2017

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