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Patricia Y., FL

My name is Pat, and I am writing this story in behalf of my in-laws, who both suffered from smoke related illnesses, even though they started smoking before warnings were put on packs of cigarettes. They lost years off their lives having COPD, CHF, lung cancer, macular degeneration and vascular disease, to name a few.

I tell people everywhere I go, including children, the harmful effects that tobacco products can do to your health and to please stop now before the suffering and pain begins.

Seeing all the things that tobacco products can do to the human body, it's a wonder why our government allows the tobacco companies to still stay in business. My guess, they couldn't care less about the people that die or become ill from using tobacco products and how can the big tobacco companies sleep at night knowing children and adults are killing themselves with their awful products...what a shame. Maybe if the big wigs see there loved ones suffer to death, they might think differently. That's what I witnessed. Two loving caring people gasp for oxygen before they died. What an awful way to go!

I will keep asking people I see using tobacco products to please quit and I will tell them why I have gotten 100 people so far to quit and I won't stop there.

First Published: May 18, 2018

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