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Patricia C., MA

Very recently, I went to the ER when my legs, feet, and belly swelled up like balloons. Because of this I was hospitalized about ten days ago.

The doctors thought I was suffering from congestive heart failure. My mother also had this condition, so it was good they checked me over for this situation.

As a result, I had many tests done to rule out heart failure.

The doctor discovered a small spot on my right lung. Which at first they thought was a blood clot in my lung. With further evaluation , it was determined that it is a small nodule on my right lung. I have to get it checked again in six months. It hasn't officially been diagnosed as cancer, and of course i hope it isnt diagnosed as cancer.

Since I do not smoke, and never have , (except to try just one cigarette as a young child of ten years old.) I'm glad I did it, because it caused me to never try another.

However, my husband is a smoker, and he has smoked since the age of eleven, he is eighty years old now. Unfortunately, I didn't think anything of it back then, but he smoked inside our house, for at least twelve years.

If my lung does reveal it's cancer, it probably was caused by second hand smoke. Our son had eczema, asthma, and epilepsy, and most likely, smoking also caused it.

So people, hear this, if you smoke, please quit now. You're hurting your loved ones by continuing on that path of self inflicting health issues, that could have been avoided, had you not started this habit. Your loved ones must love you very much, so please do it for them.

Unfortunately my husband refuses to give up the habit. Despite the fact that he was told by the doctor, that he must give up smoking. He has health issues too.

First Published: May 3, 2019

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