Patrice A

Patrice A., CA

Small cell lung cancer stole my mom; my person. She had the greatest laugh and a remarkable way of making people feel good.

My beautiful mom died in my arms June 9, 2014. And while her death nearly broke me, it's life without her that's worse. Mom's family line is filled with relatives who lived to their 90s...she was going to be with us for decades, and now I can't seem to clean the foggy glasses blurring the window to my world.

Small cell lung cancer is an insidious beast that I unfortunately know all too much about now...we must kill the beast! Mom loved writing poems so I put pen to paper and wrote this in her honor last year on June 9.

Glorious, funny, magnificent Mae, Left us exactly three years today.
I think of Mom and laugh. Or cry.
I was never truly ready to say goodbye.
My grief doesn't ever really go away, I just make room for it - to get through the day.
There's one thing she does that feels just right,
Mom comes for a visit most every night.
She fills my dreams, I hear the laughter,
Her spirit fills me, so I can survive hereafter.

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