Pamela B

Pamela B.

My story begins with a doctor visit thinking I had the flu. I had been sick for over a month and could not seem to shake it. When they called me in for an X-ray consultation and she told me to bring someone with me...I knew that something was terribly wrong.

She said, "You have two spots on your right lung," and at that moment my life changed forever. I decided that I was not going to let this defeat me. I would not let anyone tell me my survival rate because I knew that I was not done here, not yet. I went to my oncologist and I told him not to give me any statistics, just hit me with everything you have. And they did...I had 35 radiation treatments, nine chemos and two blood transfusions. I had a plan of action so I could continue working. I did radiation on my lunch break and chemo on Fridays. That way I could only take off one day a week. Was not easy by no means...but I was determined to just keep moving.

The thing about cancer is that it takes control away from you. I WANTED IT BACK. I read all the books, I cut out sugar, I juiced, I spent tons of money on vitamins. I wanted my life back! I hate this. My family and friends kept me motivated and gave me the strength to keep moving forward.

Then more news; my sister was sick! WHAT?...lung could this happen? No, not both of us...please God, no, she was my best friend. She was my rock. In my minds eye, I kept thinking that if I have cancer then no one else in my family should get it. I know that is crazy, but that is what I thought!

My sister passed away in January 2014, I still grieve every day for her. Since I was diagnosed with lung cancer, 11 friends and family members have passed away from this terrible disease. People think that if you smoked you deserved this...NOBODY DESERVES THIS!

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