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Nicole R., NV

It has been about a year since that life changing day I got my diagnosis of stage 3b small cell lung cancer. I had spent about 2 years prior to this back and forth to various doctors with chest pain, back pain, heart burn, shortness of breath and a cough that just lingered, and being told it was just a cold or heartburn. Or reflux. It was very frustrating. I knew it had to be something more causing my pain but no one believed me. I think I finally got the doctors mad and they ran more test and did a scan that showed everything. The cancer has progressed a lot. I spent a month feeling bad for myself. Then I decided, enough! I will make a difference in the lives of others, in the time I have left. I organize donations of clothes, socks, shoes, blankets and basic life supplies to distribute to the homeless in my town. I go drive into the areas where the homeless are, park and open my trunk and start to distribute to those that need it most. Lung cancer changed my life. But it got me into my community to make a difference.

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