Nancy S

Nancy S., MS

Hearing the word cancer is scary – hearing the diagnosis of lung cancer was terrifying. My story started in the fall of 2014 with a dry cough, fatigue, shoulder pain and shortness of breath. After several months of symptoms, I knew something was wrong. My initial tests included chest X-rays, treatment for pneumonia, a CT scan, a lung biopsy and a pet scan. And in February of 2015 I received the life changing news – I had stage 2 non-small cell adenocarcinoma and a five-centimeter tumor on my lower left lobe.

We are never ready for these types of curve balls, but we face them, get a game plan together and move forward. My journey included biomarker testing, chemotherapy and two lung surgeries. Recovery was hard and living with one lung is sometimes a challenge, but I am happy to say that I have been cancer free since 2016. I have developed a strong sense of community through my diagnostic journey and one reason I volunteer is to honor those friends and family I have lost to this disease.

I work part time at Southwest Regional Medical Center as a grant writer and at Mississippi Community College in McComb, where I teach First Aid, CPR, and communication classes. I am married to Scott, and we have two college age sons Quentin and Oliver. I will continue to advocate for other cancer survivors, and I think it is very important to mentor those who are a lot like me, moms who want to raise their children and not just survive but thrive. I share my story often and volunteer at local cancer events like Relay for Life and Nights of Hope. I enjoy serving on the Mississippi Board of the American Cancer Society, the national ACS patient advisory panel, and the Mississippi Lung Cancer Round Table. I was excited to attend the Night of Hope Across America this past fall in Washington, DC. In December, I received the Cancer Society’s Champion of the Year award and will represent Mississippi for the 3rd time as our Lung Force Hero.

When I’m not volunteering, I enjoy reading, painting, exercising and traveling. I am delighted to share my story and give hope to others who are in the midst of their cancer journey.

I am grateful to the American Lung Association for continue to advocate for early detection and better treatment options so we can all continue to live long and fulfilling lives.
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