Nancy C

Nancy C., CT

I am Nancy Cohen, and I am a LUNG FORCE HERO.

My lung cancer story began almost exactly eight months ago. As is the case for many of us, it was found not through routine screening. For a couple of days, I experienced sharp pain in my side and it hurt to take a deep breath. My message to anyone who will listen – no matter how busy you are, please pay attention when your body is trying to tell you something.

Back in September, everything moved so quickly. It was a mere forty-eight hours from the first text to my doctor to diagnosis. We were all in shock. The next few weeks were a blur of doctors appointments and many more tests. Luckily, and I know it seems strange to use that word, but it is true – my tumor has the EGFR mutation, thus making it possible for me to take a relatively new drug. I have been on the drug for 6 months. The main tumor shrank, and nothing new has developed. The side effects were many and varied – but all of them manageable, and in many cases I called them “ignorable.”

The support my husband, children and I have received from our family, friends and doctors is truly indescribable. From meals to walks and more gifts than I can count, we feel loved and cared for. When my amazing sister-in-law suggested the LUNG FORCE walk, I was grateful to be feeling strong enough, both physically and emotionally, to take part.

I am extremely fortunate to be the recipient of years of research and innovation. The medication that is saving my life didn’t exist a decade ago, and wasn’t FDA approved even 5 years ago. Lung cancer kills far too many people. I am determined to add my voice and my energy to raising money and awareness so this can change.

My gratitude to all of you here, who have been walking and fighting and raising money year after year is unending.

To my family and friends, I am proud and grateful to be walking beside you. Your love and generosity inspire me.

Thank you.

First Published: September 26, 2019

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