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Nance K., MN

I was always aware that smoking could cause lung cancer, but always you think it will not happen to you!

I was part of an experimental program, to do the scan for three years. My doctor told me about it, and I just decided to do it. The scan showed a spot on my left lung, which was very small and steady during the first two scans. It was thought to be an old pneumonia scar. The third year, this spot more than doubled in size. In quick order I had a PET scan, a biopsy and had the upper lobe of my left lung removed on Good Friday two years ago.

The scan is NOT intimidating, but recovering from this kind of surgery was. It was hard work, but attitude is everything and I knew I could do it! My family was wonderful support! I was extremely fortunate, all of the cancer was removed, I did not have to have any kind of chemo or radiation and I am thankful every day.

If I had not participated in this experimental screening, I would not have known about the cancer probably until it was too late to do anything. I highly recommend anyone who smokes, or participates in other cancer-causing activities, to go ahead and have this screening – it could very well save your life as it did mine.

After the surgery, I had a scan every three months for a year, and now I am at every six months. I remain cancer-free, and I am grateful every day – and I have a new grandson!

First Published: September 18, 2017

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