Monique R

Monique R., AZ

Due to secondhand smoke and poor air quality, asthma, pneumonia, and valley fever have been apart of my life since eight years old. However, in 2011 & 2012 my health took a drastic turn. My lifespan at the time was 3 to 5 years. I now live with a reconstructive airway, a partial right lung and three missing ribs. Learning how to breathe again was a difficult challenge, especially with young children who have become my caregivers.

Special thanks to my Pulmonologist for trusting his instincts & my current doctor who's been best primary care doctor over five years. I am ALIVE passed the mark! That's why I participate in the LUNG FORCE Walk. This is why I AM A LUNG FORCE HERO! When you join the American Lung Association and LUNG FORCE, your donation helps support research innovation that will lead to early detection for all and better treatments that give everyone a fighting chance and to be a voice for our love ones who are not with us today. Every Breathe Counts!

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