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Milagros R., NY

I just lost my only sister of 51 years old. After the hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico my sister wasn't feeling well. Since she was diabetic we where thinking that because the lack of proper food, medication and water, her sugar levels where unstable, until finally she had the horrible news that she had lung cancer...metastasized. We couldn't even bring her to New York City. Nine days after, she died, on 12/5/17. We still can't comprehend why the doctor in Puerto Rico did not explain anything to us. It was very secretive and we still can not comprehend.

All I do is sister was a special ed teacher and a missionary. She traveled the world, was always involved in doing good deeds for the homeless, the disabled, the teenage pregnant and abused kids. How this can be possible? No one came to her mother or us the immediate family for at least a meeting. It was very unprofessional, just because the HIPPA Law, well that did not bring us any closer. They only said something to her husband: "Tell the family that only a miracle can save her."

Not even a diagnosis. And they let me get in her intensive unit room more time because I am her oldest sister and came from New York City, plus I work as a HHA with the Alzheimer's and dementia population. It was the worst scenario. My only humble did this happen? She spent summers with us in New York and traveled the world three times a year for different causes.

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