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Mike N., ME

My name is Mike Nobel. I'm a songwriter living in ME. My wife has worked for many years as a Hospice nurse, visiting, and supporting hundreds of patients (and their families) at the end of their lives....often people dying from illnesses related to smoking. I've lost two best friends, both of whom died in their 50's, both of whom were heavy smokers. I've vowed to use what talents I have to create a collection of songs on tobacco prevention and smoking cessation (quitting), songs that would be appropriate for performance by children in elementary school, in concerts or theatrical productions attended by the children's parents and family friends. The songs are written and recorded. I pray that, in my lifetime, I find avenues to make the songs available to schools in communities worldwide, at no cost to the schools. Music is a powerful medium for reaching children and adults with a healthy-choices message. Every time I see the large cigarette display case in our local grocery store (at child's-eye height, of course), I renew my vow to make a contribution to tobacco prevention education. With thanks and best wishes, Mike Nobel, Gorham, ME [email protected]

First Published: September 23, 2015

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