Michael P

Michael P., CA

I'm Michael Pulli, a happy 69-year-old man that had severe Fibrosis. I have RA and five years ago I had a severe case of shortness of breath but didnt know what was going on. My regular doctor sent me to the emergency room and tests were started. They decided to biopsy my lung, during the proceedure, my lung collapsed, I went into distress and they put me into a drug induced coma for three weeks. I was a very sick boy! I had developed fibrosis in my lungs. I had to go to rehab to learn to stand up and walk because the body goes into atrophy when in coma. Two years later, my pulmonologist in Irvine sent me up to see a doctor at UCLA. He started me on oxygen at night and then all of the time. He said we are going to work you up for a lung transplant. I started going up to UCLA for many tests and finally on July 28, 2017 I got on the list for a transplant. Sept. 22 I got the call and went up to UCLA. Saturday Morning at 1:30 a.m. while laying on the table in the OR, we got the call that its a go and I recieved my lung and a double bi-pass as well! After four months and Pulmonory Rehab at Hoag, I went back to work at the end of January 2018 and today I am a happy boy!!!! Everyday is beautiful.

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