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Mary W., NC

My primary care physician told me at my annual visit that as a former smoker I was covered under Medicare for a CT scan. I made an appointment but it was cancelled and other medical priorities prevented me from rescheduling it. I was scheduled for a Catheter Ablation and a Scan the day before surgery and that's when it was discovered I had a spot on my lung. My Ablation was cancelled, my cardiologist got me in to see the Thoracic Surgeon and my surgery was scheduled for 2 weeks later. I was fortunate, my cancer was discovered before it had time to grow and spread. I am now cancer free by surgery; my surgeon removed the top lobe of my left lung and I am recovering beautifully. I'm so thankful for the scan, which was easy and stress free.

I urge any smoker or former smoker to be scanned.

First Published: August 29, 2019

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