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Mary H.

In middle school I always got out of breath doing exercise and we thought nothing of it. When I got bronchitis in 10th grade it never got better with medication. After over a month in and out of hospital with bronchitis I had my first appointment with my lung doctor and had my first lung function test. The lung function test was low so I got put on inhalers. After doing inhalers for a month, it didn't work. We brought the dosage up on my inhaler and it helped.

In May 2016 we did another lung function test and I got the diagnosis of asthma. Asthma still affects me to this day when I exercise, allergy, have a cold, etc. I still go to a pulmonologist for lung function test and check up about every 3-6 months. There are always going to be ups and downs with asthma, but stay strong and anyone can get through it. I believe asthma has just made me stronger as a person.

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