Martha M

Martha M., PA

This cancer journey began in December 2015. I had pain in my back like I broke a rib. I called my doctor and she did an x-ray and there it was -- a 4.6 cm mass. I was devastated. I have young children and want to be here for them, so I said I will stand and fight!

I had chemo and radiation at the same time. I had a repeat scan in May of 2016 to find out Lung tumor was 1.9 -- yay! -- but there was a new spot on my sacrum.

So now what? They did radiation to that spot which was 1.7 cm. Then they started me on immunotherapy. I have been on immunotherapy over a year now. I received 31 infusions and more to come.

My scans have looked great for a year now. I have no active cancer! Thank you to the creators of immunotherapy, it is teaching our immune system what to do.

First Published: September 28, 2017

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