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Marjorie L., GA

My husband insisted I get a chest x-ray (which the doctor didn't think I needed) because even though I was getting over the flu, he said my cough sounded different. That led to a CT scan, which led to a biopsy, and a diagnosis of lung cancer at age 55.

After inhaling 55 pack years (1.5 packs/day x 37 years) worth of cigarettes, I quit cold turkey that very day.

After surgery I was staged IA; after recurrence six months later restaged IV. Chemo and radiation treatment ended ten years ago. Just had my annual CT screening and am NERD -- No Evidence of Recurrent Disease -- which means I am now a 10 YEAR SURVIVOR, thank God and modern medicine!

So get that CT scan whether or not you're still smoking -- it could literally save your life, because early detection can make all the difference. This screening protocol was not in place back when I was diagnosed, which is one more indication that we are making progress in the detection and treatment of lung cancer.

First Published: October 2, 2018

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