Margo D

Margo D., VT

You have cancer. Words that no one wants to hear. Unfortunately, you become a member of a club, one that you do not necessarily want to belong to.

I was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer nearly one year ago. My right upper lobe was removed, as was all of the cancer. I think, for me, the diagnosis has given me a very clear picture of my mortality. I will die, and it could have been now. I wasn't ready for that and I am one of the few, lucky ones who will continue my life without lung cancer.

As an ex-smoker, my cancer was detected with a fairly new diagnostic tool: the low dose CT scan. I fit the parameters for the test and my cancer was discovered, removed quickly and I will continue to be monitored closely. Medical professionals using the newest technology, friends and family - cooking meals, helping with rides, checking in - all contributed to the "new" me. A member of this strange, new club. I haven't regained my strength, and wonder if I will ever be close to the "old"me - stamina, psyche, thoughts, dreams, actions, courage, and fear. I don't know. I'm not there yet, but, I do know that life is one day at a time right now, and that's a pretty good way to experience the beauty, love and joy we can find.

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