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Margaret R.

I am a 69 year old retired school principal. In 2003, shortly after I retired, I was diagnosed with non- Hodgkins lymphoma. I underwent chemo and beat it. Last December, I went to the emergency room with a severe case of the flu. I was also having pain in my ribs and trouble with breathing. The flu was confirmed and the emergency room doctor found a mass on my right lung. A biopsy confirmed a malignancy and I was scheduled for further tests. They revealed that the cancer had metastasized to my ribs, sternum and femur. I am now in a fight to extend my life and of course always hoping for a cure. I am receiving chemo and am on a maintenance dose at this time. My lung cancer is adenocarcinoma and is stage 4. More information must be shared as I only found out that I had this because of a chance emergency room visit and chest X-ray. Please keep searching for a cure as it is the #1 cancer killer of women. One woman dies every 8 minutes in the US of lung cancer. Please help!

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