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Lori M.

My journey began in March 2015 - I had broken out in a rash that started on my leg and spread to other parts of my body. This rash did not hurt or itch and in addition to the rash, I had a giant lump just above my right collarbone which turned out to be an enlarged lymph node.

In June, I underwent surgery for a neck dissection where 21 lymph nodes were removed. After the biopsy, it was discovered that 5 of the 21 lymph nodes had cancer cells and I was diagnosed with Stage IIIb Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer that originated in my right lung. I underwent chemo and daily radiation which I have tolerated well. I will now begin a chemo "maintenance" regimen.

I am blessed to have a great team of doctors and nurses and loving support of my family and friends. I am taking this journey one day at a time and will always hold hope that I will come out on top. Lung cancer was never on my radar which is why I am supporting LUNG FORCE and doing my part to educate those I know about lung cancer with the belief that together we can make a difference.

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