Lisamarie S

Lisamarie S., NY

This is my mom, Milta. This picture was taken in April after a two month stay in the hospital. February 26, 2021, she was diagnosed with stage 4 (NSCLC) non-small cell lung cancer. My mom was a smoker for 50 years. She ignored the signs and didn’t share her health concerns with her four children. She underwent chemo as well as radiation.

Unfortunately, she lost her battle and I lost my best friend. A little bit of me died with her on February 11, 2022 at 10:08. Our team is named Milta’s Smile, my mom had a beautiful smile, I was blessed to have seen that smile for 51 years.

I am here today to be her voice and help bring awareness to lung cancer. I will continue to be her voice and fight and never give up hope for a cure.

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