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Lisa W.

My beautiful, beautiful mom and best friend lost her battle in June of 2013.

She was first diagnosed with lung cancer several years prior. She was always a heavy smoker - even having a cigarette while walking in to have the upper lobe of her lung removed!

She did great after surgery...and no longer smoked regularly.. She snuck a few here and there. Then, a few years later she got cancer in her kidney. She had to have that kidney removed. She was a fighter! She did great again. I'm sad to say she later was diagnosed with a heart condition. This poor woman had the odds stacked against her. She came through that surgery as well. But her body was just not the same. She never gained her strength back. Her life was not the same. She wanted so badly to dance again! She wanted to be the life of the party as she always was. Yet she was struggling to get through each day - until one horrible day, she was taken from us.

My life will never, ever be the same. She was my world! I miss her more than words can ever express. But I must believe that she is in a better place - with no pain. I hope that she is dancing with Angels!!!

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