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Kristin G., CA

My sister was diagnosed with lung cancer on April 1, 2013. She had no symptoms except for joint pains and swollen finger tips and feet. Her body ached and doctors were going to treat her for rheumatoid arthritis. When she met with a rheumatoid arthritis doctor, he sent her for a chest x-ray. This is when a mass was discovered on her right lung. A biopsy was ordered and confirmed her lung cancer. She had numerous scans completed prior to her initial chemo/radiation treatment. This included a brain MRI, and a PET scan. A surgeon also completed a mediastinoscopy and took some swollen lymph nodes which came back benign. There was no indication that her cancer spread to any other parts of her body; therefore, diagnosed as a stage 3b lung cancer patient. In July, my sister had a 10.5 cm tumor on her right upper lobe that was successfully removed. Her tumor was 90% dead and 10% active but her surgery was successful. At this time, she was cancer free. Unfortunately, 3 months later, her lung cancer metastasized to her brain with 5 tumors. Again, one month later, it was discovered that her lung cancer is now on her left lung. Because of a Kras mutation, doctors are saying there is nothing they can do except for chemo. My family is looking for a clinical trial and understand she has to be eligible. My sister is Stage IV lung cancer patient now. My family knows she can beat this. She is incredibly positive and will fight this battle even though she has her good days and her bad days. She has taught me a lot. My sister's attitude, positive outlook with life has set such an example for all of us.

First Published: October 29, 2013

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