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Kristi C., ID

I lost both my mom and my grandma to lung cancer, and they were not smokers. Within six weeks of diagnosis, after just a month in hospice my grandma died, and my mom only got one year after her diagnosis. She was only 62.

To have lost two strong and important women in our family is breathtakingly difficult, to say the least. My mom was my best friend and a wonderful, generous and loving person. She dealt with so many trials in life and had finally reached the point where her life was so peaceful and good, and then she got her diagnosis. She was amazing all through it and didn't let one day go by without being thankful. She was the center of our family and leaves a big hole in her abscence.

The same goes for my grandma, even though she was 81, we were not prepared for the quick progression of her illness. She left behind many who miss her so much. Everyone needs to know that lung cancer isn't just for people who smoke, or are unhealthy. My grandma was still mowing her lawn and planting flowers months before she was sick. She ate well and was a very healthy senior citizen.

First Published: July 19, 2017

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