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Kathy T., GA

So the last few weeks has been a blur of doctor visits and tests, all made more stressful by the pandemic. My husband had a CT scan about two months ago as part of his Medicare wellness exam. To our surprise and shock, (he was not sick or symptomatic and still isn’t) they discovered an 8.8 mass in his right lung. We were initially told it was inoperable and prognosis not good.

Over the next weeks he has had many procedures, including a mediastinoscopy to determine if he can in fact have surgery. The oncologist told us this week he IS a candidate for surgery. He will have four rounds of chemo, then surgery. We are hopeful that he will be cancer free when that is done. I know it’s still serious and he has a rough road ahead, but I’m feeling so thankful that he was offered the scan. I feel like it 100% will save his life. One doctor said having the CT scan didn’t detect it early, but hopefully did detect before it was too late. My husband is 67 years old, in great shape and has a lot more living to do. Feeling optimistic and so thankful that he was checked and could start being treated. 

First Published: April 9, 2020

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