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Kathleen R., IN

My Mother, Alexis, was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2003. She died one day after her 62nd birthday. In the beginning our family researched everything we could on the subject. Asked the doctors a lot of questions, which I suggest highly! Before appointments, write down questions. Have someone in the room with your loved one to take notes. Your loved one is nervous, scared, but has a brave face on. I found a lot of great information here on the American Lung Cancer Society's website and their support groups. People were my support without me leaving my Mother. I suggest you research, ask questions, explore conventional and unconventional routes--anything and everything to give your loved one another day and chance to be pain free! I miss her every single day and will until I die. I am so thankful that medications and research have come a long way since 2003. That is why donations help! A Loving Daughter :)

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