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Kate K., NY

I was blessed my cancer was found early while it was still in my lung only. I was diagnosed at stage 2. In May 2013 I was scheduled for a non-related surgery, but a pre- surgery x-ray showed a spot on my lung that was not there last November. That lead to a CT scan, visit to a thoracic surgeon and a PET scan. By the time I had the lung surgery July 8th, there was a second tumor. Both were removed, and all lymph nodes that were tested were negative. What surprised me was that the thoracic surgeon gave me no real information, only that is was a very aggressive, fast growing cancer and he had to remove the top lobe of my left lung. He did send me to a radiologist for his opinion about any need for further treatment. Of course he told me I was in the 60th percentile (no explanation) and sent me on my way. It was not until I wound up in the hospital a few weeks later with a severe bladder infection that the Nurse Practitioner taking care of me suggested I go to for a second opinion. What gave me hope was going to this new cancer center. I had a lot of questions and had most answered before I even saw the doctor. So now I am doing chemo as a preventative measure, and just trying to get through it with no more infections getting in the way.

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