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Karine H.

My father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in November of 2015. He had a 2" by 2" measured tumor in the upper left part of his left lung.

My father grew up in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin on a dairy farm. He owns the Farm now. The doctor's believe he got cancer from materials on the farm. He was devastated and very upset.

We defeated lung cancer as a family. He had treatments for several months. He had blood transfusions at the end of his treatment. He has had to give himself shots for blood clots he had in his legs. Sitting for months and sitting for treatment then repeating it was very difficult for him. He still has loose stools. But, he is cancer free and cured.

My father loved his childhood his pony, dogs and working with his father. Protection of his health should have been a serious concern.

I pray the States use and sell only materials that can be tolerated by the immune system. Thank you.

First Published: November 1, 2016

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