Kara H

Kara H., AL

I was diagnosed the summer of 2016 with stage VI adenocarcinoma. I am a 34-year-old woman with no family history of cancer and a non-smoker. Before my diagnosis, I led an extremely healthy lifestyle.

I developed a cough that wouldn't seem to go away a couple months before I sought treatment. When I became short of breathe, I finally went to see the doctor. I was misdiagnosed several times and nothing seemed to be working. I checked myself into the ER and five days later I had a diagnosis.

My oncologist spoke about tumor testing and sent my tissue samples to be tested. A couple weeks later, the test revealed I had the EGFR mutation. I began a targeted therapy treatment in which I take a pill every day. My treatment is very much dependant on research so I am hopeful that there are more options to come.

My tumor markers are currently shrinking and we are heading in the right direction!

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