Joy D

Joy D.

In July 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. I was a healthy, active and hardworking 38 year old gal who was feeling run down and thought I had chest cold - or, maybe bronchitis or pneumonia at the worst.

Went to see my primary care doctor, she took X-rays and discovered that my heart was greatly enlarged. I was rushed to the hospital and directly into heart surgery. Twelve hours later I was back in surgery again - this time for my lung. I learned I had a mass in my left lung, that was followed by a crazy ten day hospital stay. On the tenth day at 7:00 pm my pulmonologist told me I had Stage IV lung cancer.

How could this be? I just had a yearly physical three weeks ago and passed with flying colors! Wouldn't labs show if I had cancer? Certainly I would have some signs or symptoms. I mean you KNOW when something's wrong, don't you?!?! Nope, not me. I had NO typical signs of having lung cancer. But, here I am, doing treatment every single day, giving 100% every single day to keep my body as active and healthy as I can. This cancer is going to have to fight me for my body, I'm not giving up an inch without a fight. I have an army of friends and family behind me, praying for me, encouraging me, helping me and pushing me to be the best version of myself every day! I am so thankful for the LUNG FORCE platform to help make others aware of lung cancer, good lung health, advances in lung cancer treatment, funding and education.

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