Jorge A

Jorge A., AZ

The air might kill us! I said the air we breathe may kill us. The other day I was driving home from work on the I-10 and I saw my city’s buildings swimming in smoke. The city was covered in a brown cloud of smoke. I had a bad feeling. We have bad air quality. We might die of lung disease because the air we breathe is killing us.

My car is a hybrid, I wanted to save money on gas therefore I picked a gas saver. I’ve seen lots of trucks smoking. The air quality is terrible here in Phoenix. The rent is cheap and there are lots of jobs for college students and recent graduates to grab in the one of the fastest developing cities in the United States. How can we better the quality of air? We need clean air laws. With Mexico being our neighbor, we cannot dirty their air. The companies smoking the tall tubes are burning and the smoke is killing us. This is third degree murder in my eyes. I came to this state to study. Unfortunately, the companies that make billions do it at our expense.

During the summer in Arizona, it gets really hot and it is hard to breath in 107 degree weather. The Weather Channel sends out warning of bad air quality. We need new people in power that can change our laws so we can have clean air. New laws may clean up the air, but it's up to every resident in Arizona to propose and sign a new law that cleans up the air. Let’s call it the ‘clean air act.’ Everyone is mad about the world, but like John Mayer said “no one is doing anything about it”.

We need to clean up our area. I want a clean place to live. We need new laws or else we are paying for our early death. We need a new law to change the air here in Phoenix. Pollution is killing us very slowly, I might need a gas mask to walk outside during summer. We need to worry about what is happening here.

First Published: April 21, 2020

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