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John M., MO

On October 26, 2023, I went under surgery for lung cancer. My doctor performed a lobectomy on my lower right lung, stage 1, because of early detection of a lung nodule. Cancer was removed, and surrounding lymph nodes were negative. My primary family physician suggested that I get a CT scan of my lungs because I had been a former smoker. I hesitated and almost blew it off. I got the scan, which showed a small nodule in my right lung. After watching it for over a year, it grew and got a shape that the Dr did not like, both bad signs for a lung nodule.
Before I ramble on too much, I want to say this to all: EARLY DETECTION IS KEY; IT SAVED MY LIFE. Don't blow it off if your doctor wants you to get one. It takes all of 5 minutes once you are there. Because of early detection, I am currently cancer-free. I will scan every six months for the next two years to monitor things. If your doctor does not offer you the lung scan, ask him for it. It is a wellness check and is almost always covered by insurance. Cancer is a six-letter word that no one ever wants to hear, but I am here to tell you that it's all about early detection. I hesitate to name any of my OK doctors on this site, but they were all wonderful. No names, although I will give my thanks and love to BJC Hospital/Washington University/Siteman Cancer Center. I had no cancer symptoms; this was a routine CT scan. Do it for yourself and your loved ones. I got scanned for lung cancer; my PCP saved my life by putting that scan on my to-do list.


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